February Fun at the Beach!

Today we spent a wonderful winter day at… the Beach! Yes, the beach, in February. Where we live, and with this mild winter, the beach seems to be a year round option. I love going to the beach with my girls.  I enjoy being outside all day, seeing the endless ocean and resting my feet in the sand.  For the girls it’s the best place for their expansive imaginations to soar.

Sure, we bring sand toys, kites and umbrellas but most of the fun is what they make out of it. They can build anything with the sand. They made fairy dust castles, mazes for each other to walk, swimming pools, a “witches’ brew”, slides, trampolines and that was only in the first few hours. They are mermaids in the water, they scuba dive to the depths of the sea (six inches) in search of treasure. So pure, so beautiful.



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