Tiny Backseat Drivers

My kids say the craziest things to me while I drive so I feel the need to make a top ten list:

10.  Are we going slow enough that I can take my seat belt off?

9.  I think you are going the wrong way.

8.  Its green, and green means go, you need to go mom or someone is going to toot at you (I’d love to deny their knowledge of cause and effect in this area but I cannot.  I am a tooter).

7.  STOPPPPPPP!!! Its red!

6. Which road are we on?



Sensory Issues

Stickiness doesn't matter; just how well her socks fit!

Someone please come dress my child today!  Morgan seems to have “sensory issues.”  Apparently she gets that from her Daddy who was very particular about how his socks were on his feet.

Morgan takes the sensory issues past the socks, up to the pants and shirts, jackets, hats, headbands, the list could go on forever!  I have tried seamless, tag-less, pretty, practical and every gimmick and promise out there in attempt to get clothes on my child.

This winter has been a special challenge since she decided she would not wear jeans, tights, jeggings or anything that zipped or buttoned.  She is also particular about her sleeve length, can’t go past her wrist but must come to the wrist.  Additionally, she feels that jackets have to be taken off in the car.  It is a good thing we live in Florida and barley have winter, otherwise one of us would have been committed.

Help!!!  What are some of your favorite brands of socks?  Anyone else have clothing battles each morning?

“I Do Nothing”

How many of you have caught your kids in the act of doing something totally outrageous and they deny it was them? This has happened to me on more occasions than I would care to admit.  I want to raise honest kids, I want others to trust them.  Sometimes it is so hard to know what to do.

See the video after the break.



Potty Talk

No disguising the topic of the day.  Disclaimer: I will be using lots of potty words in the post!

So, Emily – my totally capable two-year old, always calls me to wipe her because… “It’s yucky and I don’t want it on my hands.”  I guess I can sacrifice a few moments to wipe a tushie if it means no feces related diseases will enter the household.


Ready to be “Roller Coaster Tall”

“Emily, stand up here.  Put your feet all the way back.  Hooray!!!  You’re roller coaster tall!”

All this was said by Morgan in a shrill, screaming, enthusiastic voice.   The girls and I were at the entrance to Busch Gardens today when they made this discovery.  While typically I get looks of disgust from the other moms when Morgan is screaming this loud, today we got smiles.  Those smiles spoke to me.


Lost Friend

A few weeks ago we had a very traumatic event happen in our family.  This was one of the saddest days in our little girls lives, and ours. Our dog of nine years passed away.

Everyone says that pets are part of the family but I never really understood that until she was gone.  Raven was our 80 pound Black Lab.  She was a wonderful dog. She loved our girls and our girls loved her. They hugged her, kissed her, dressed her up in princess attire and loved taking her on walks.


Incurable Ears

To my bundle of energy, Emily.

All Smiles!

Over the past few months you have had six surgeries.  You saw the inside of more doctors offices and had more radiation than most kids will ever have in their lives.  Through it all, somehow, your smile stayed on your face and that gave us hope.

Your ear infections began like most kids and after several you were referred to an ENT for ear tubes, you continued to get them for some unknown reason and went through several sets of ear tubes.  We had your Tonsils and Adenoids removed, your Sinuses vacuumed out and we pumped you full of antibiotics, nothing appeared to be working.


First Haircuts

My babies were born bald.  Not just bald, barely any peach fuzz.  I have pictures posted to prove my point.  As they got a little bit older they became more bald.  They would get bald patches where they laid their heads when they slept.

With my first-born, I eagerly read about when it would be the right time to have her first hair cut.  Her hair was long (not true), it was untidy (still not true), and it was in her eyes (not true, yet again).  Regardless, I think you are getting the point.  In my mind it was time to have the first hair cut. More pictures after the break…




The “No Swings” Initiative

Swings should be taken out of all parks.  As much as I may love the upper body workout as I stand in the dirt, in the sun, dodging kicks in the head, hearing “Higher Mommy, higher!”  I need a break.


My Homework

Guess what! I had homework for the first time in years last weekend. Sunday night at 8pm I had my scissors, tape, glue, stickers, pictures and markers out. I was attempting to finish writing about my weekend with Chocolate Banana Bear (CBB), my daughter’s class bear.

Chocolate Banana Bear's Fishing Trip

Morgan had been telling me about CBB for weeks. She was so excited the day we brought him home. It was finally our turn to take CBB everywhere with us all weekend long. I have to admit I was excited too. I had never done this sort of thing before so we were on this journey together. Together, together, together… alone.


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