Baby Talk

I love baby babble.  It is so sweet when your little one, fully engages you with their babbling noises.  We as parents respond with genuine enthusiasm and excitement.  Eventually that babble turns into words and those words still are often only interpreted by those who know them best.  Today’s post is about just that, words that only parents would understand.

Morgan had a list of words that only made sense to a few of us.  There are a number of words that she incorrectly ended with “y or ie”; (for example, blankie or bathy).  I think I am to blame.  Surely I must have tried to make cute baby talk by adding those endings, and she copied me – why I did this I’ll never know.  I guess you can equate it to adults that look at a baby and say “goo goo ga gee”; definitely not cute.  Who agrees?



Grandma’s House and the Conscience Develops

My husband is blessed to work for a company that takes all of its team, and their spouses, on an all expense paid trip each year. We have been to Long Beach, Washington DC, San Antonio and Orlando in the past four years he has been a part of the team. The company requires that you do not bring your children with you. At first I was taken back by this rule – not anymore. We have truly enjoyed these trips away from the kids. We love our girls, but we need a break and time alone together.

I have a secret to share, though – we actually had my mom keep our oldest (6mo old at the time) in a hotel down the street from where we were staying our first year. I snuck over to nurse several times a day; it was a pain! Every year after that Ed’s parents or sister have been able to watch the girls.

This year it was my mom’s turn. When I told Morgan that Grandma was going to watch her while we were in Orlando she asked, “By herself?” with a look of utter disbelief that I found hysterical.


Tiny Backseat Drivers

My kids say the craziest things to me while I drive so I feel the need to make a top ten list:

10.  Are we going slow enough that I can take my seat belt off?

9.  I think you are going the wrong way.

8.  Its green, and green means go, you need to go mom or someone is going to toot at you (I’d love to deny their knowledge of cause and effect in this area but I cannot.  I am a tooter).

7.  STOPPPPPPP!!! Its red!

6. Which road are we on?


“I Do Nothing”

How many of you have caught your kids in the act of doing something totally outrageous and they deny it was them? This has happened to me on more occasions than I would care to admit.  I want to raise honest kids, I want others to trust them.  Sometimes it is so hard to know what to do.

See the video after the break.



Potty Talk

No disguising the topic of the day.  Disclaimer: I will be using lots of potty words in the post!

So, Emily – my totally capable two-year old, always calls me to wipe her because… “It’s yucky and I don’t want it on my hands.”  I guess I can sacrifice a few moments to wipe a tushie if it means no feces related diseases will enter the household.


Ready to be “Roller Coaster Tall”

“Emily, stand up here.  Put your feet all the way back.  Hooray!!!  You’re roller coaster tall!”

All this was said by Morgan in a shrill, screaming, enthusiastic voice.   The girls and I were at the entrance to Busch Gardens today when they made this discovery.  While typically I get looks of disgust from the other moms when Morgan is screaming this loud, today we got smiles.  Those smiles spoke to me.


Things You Should Never Have Said

Everyday I find myself saying things that I really shouldn’t be saying.  In fact no one should ever say these things.  I bet, if you are a mom you have said them or, if you are not a mom, your mom probably told you. 

I’m not talking about your typical “Don’t’ eat what has been on the floor,” “Wash your hands after you sneeze in them,” “We don’t hit our friends”.  No, those are daily sentences.  I’m talking about the ones you say and then you can’t believe that sentence just came out of your mouth.


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