Your “Lovies”

To Morgan and Emily,

Since this is your baby book and I have never mentioned them, I have to tell you girls about your “lovies” and how they entered the family.

Before I do that I must post a word of caution to all new and expecting moms. You should allow yourself two rules to “lovies”, the first being that you only allow one per child. This is vitally important if you plan on following rule number two, which is to have multiple “lovies”.

Did you read that wrong? No. Here is what I mean. If you seem to notice a particular attachment to a certain soft object go buy two more of the identical object. Wash them several times and place one in the car and one in the diaper bag. Leave the other in the house. They should never leave their respective “homes.” They should all end up showing a good amount of care and love. This also means you will not be rocking a screaming toddler to sleep because they left their item at home while on vacation. You’ll note below, I did not follow my rules.



Incurable Ears

To my bundle of energy, Emily.

All Smiles!

Over the past few months you have had six surgeries.  You saw the inside of more doctors offices and had more radiation than most kids will ever have in their lives.  Through it all, somehow, your smile stayed on your face and that gave us hope.

Your ear infections began like most kids and after several you were referred to an ENT for ear tubes, you continued to get them for some unknown reason and went through several sets of ear tubes.  We had your Tonsils and Adenoids removed, your Sinuses vacuumed out and we pumped you full of antibiotics, nothing appeared to be working.


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