My Homework

Guess what! I had homework for the first time in years last weekend. Sunday night at 8pm I had my scissors, tape, glue, stickers, pictures and markers out. I was attempting to finish writing about my weekend with Chocolate Banana Bear (CBB), my daughter’s class bear.

Chocolate Banana Bear's Fishing Trip

Morgan had been telling me about CBB for weeks. She was so excited the day we brought him home. It was finally our turn to take CBB everywhere with us all weekend long. I have to admit I was excited too. I had never done this sort of thing before so we were on this journey together. Together, together, together… alone.

Four steps out of the preschool building and CBB was literally thrown at me. Morgan was asking about lunch and time at the park. As I caught CBB and tried to take in all that was happening I began to feel nauseous. Was I stressed out about my weekend project? Oh no, I was completely overwhelmed by the smell of urine. Yes, urine. My mind quickly raced to lice, bed bugs, the flu and even hepatitis. This bear and I were not off to a good start. He found his furry self, doused in sanitizer the moment we entered the house.

As the weekend continued she was embarrassed at times but annoyed more than anything to have to tote the bear around for the whole weekend. I forced the bear in her lap for a few pictures. Sunday night, after the girls were in bed I looked at the journal to get my creative juices flowing. What I was expecting and what I saw were two very different things. Those parents went all out and wined and dined that bear. He went to luxury resorts, elaborate parties were thrown in his honor and he has gone to more theme parks than an Orlando native. Suddenly I began to feel self-conscious about our trip to the park and dinner at Chili’s. Quickly, I recovered. I glued, cut and pasted just as I had planned and decided that CBB was ready to head back to school.


The Slide

The Swing


Bath Time!


So now, tell me about your fun with class projects. Anyone with older kids past this stage or is that a fantasy? Are you always helping with projects? Does it get any better?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MamaMoo
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 20:20:55

    So are you passing? I almost think we will help our kids with all their projects for the rest if their lives. Speaking of which, I better go call my mom to edit my blog post for tomorrow:)


  2. Jennifer
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 11:32:25

    It never, ever gets any better. Mine is in middle school and I anxiously await after every project, wondering what grade *I* got. 🙂


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